Listen2U-Beats X bluetooth Earphone

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  • The beats x unit diy bluetooth headset uses the original second-hand beats x unit with a new neck-mounted Bluetooth 5.0 headset cable (the Bluetooth cable is not original). This link headset is mainly for listening to songs. Clear, flexible bass diving, the headphone head has a magnet to attract, easy to store when not listening to music, to ensure that the headphone unit is the original authentic, Bluetooth 5.0 version, the signal is stronger and more stable, support one tow two function, support 10 meters range Connected to use, support calls but the call sound quality is not clear enough, 150amh battery life, support 150 hours of standby, about 8-9 hours of continuous listening to songs on full power, depending on the volume, use 5V1A to charge, charge for about 2 hours
  • new earphone/earplug tempering (to make its quality improved and stabilized).

Bluetooth operation instructions:Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, stay on the Bluetooth settings interface, press and hold the indirect button in the Bluetooth headset for three seconds, and the blue light will turn on and let go immediately. The Bluetooth power on is successful. After two to three seconds, the Bluetooth will enter the standby mode when the red and blue lights flash alternately. Refresh the phone. Bluetooth list, the Bluetooth option of "m1" will appear on the mobile phone, click to connect, press and hold the middle button to switch the phone, click the middle button to hang up the call, double-click the middle button to automatically call back the last call number, the duration of the call or song Press the plus and minus buttons to adjust the volume. When listening to the song, click the plus and minus buttons to switch between the top and bottom of the song, and click the middle button to play or pause